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doves_color_brushstrokeThe World Community for Christian Meditation is a global and inclusive contemplative family. The roots of the community lie in the desert tradition of early Christianity dating back to the 4th century. The World Community is now present in more than 100 countries with thousands of individuals, weekly groups and centers that share the peace and compassion, fruits of meditation. To know more go to


meditatio_logo-1With a secular approach keeping in mind the diverse background of participants, Meditatio brings the practice of meditation into the fields of education, business, medicine, prisons, children,…. Programs in several countries of the world are delivered throughout the year. More information at the Meditatio website

alanCHI YU CHUNG (Hong Kong WCCM Community)
As a ‘young meditator’ I have a very hopeful sense of the future of WCCM and that it can bring the gift of peace to people of my generation in all walks of life. In this constantly distracted world, peace has become a rare treasure. Meditation has indeed empowered us and leads us into the realm of peace, which is in our heart. I see Bonnevaux as one of the great turning points of our community, and I believe it will attract a new generation to embrace this gift of peace and then bring it to the chaos of the world.

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Briji Waterfield, Director of Special Projects
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