A Blessed Day in Bonnevaux

The 21st of November was a memorable day for our Community at Bonnevaux, in France and globally. With the Archbishop of Poitiers, the Prior of the monastery of Liguge,  Sandrine Vinay ( French National Coordinator) the icon of John Cassian ‘written’ for Bonnevaux by Odile van der Hoff was blessed and installed in the small chapel. Meditators from France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, the UK and Ireland were present and messages came from worldwide, read by Jose Pype, national coordinator from Belgium.

The day was warm and sunny and this seemed to illumine the sense of Bonnevaux as a place of peace and hope both locally grounded and globally extended.

pell02CARDINAL GEORGE PELL (Patron of the WCCM and Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy, The Vatican)
As you know, I have for many years now felt close to and supportive of the work of the WCCM in bringing contemplation back to the heart of the church’s life of prayer and action. I particularly feel the importance of introducing the practice of Christian Meditation to children at the beginning of their life journey of faith.  Thank you for sharing the vision of your proposed international new centre at  Bonnevaux. It is a beautiful and inspiring place; and the sacred history of the site, with the monastic foundation there in the twelfth century, makes it for me, as I think for many others, especially attractive and spiritually significant.  I feel you will be able even better to renew our great tradition there for our time, as well as build a centre of contemplation that will be welcome to all. Bonnevaux will be in my prayer and I would love to visit and pray and meditate with you there one day. I would urge all to support this brave and inspiring venture.

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