July 17, 2017

Bonnevaux Evenings

In April, Meditatio House in London began a monthly social evening of meditation, friendship and introducing new friends to Bonnevaux. Members of the community invite their personal friends who are interested in meditation and may also like to help realise the Bonnevaux vision. These Bonnevaux Evenings have proved very attractive and also enjoyable. They are, first of all, an opportunity to share the gift of meditation with new people – who are also happy to hear the good and feel the inspiration of Bonnevaux. “Some good news, at last!”, one guest remarked.

The evening starts with a short introduction to meditation, followed by meditation and some sharing by meditators on what the practice means to them. People then have a light supper and glass of wine which provides an opportunity to discuss meditation in general terms, responding to questions and, of course, introduce Bonnevaux, with its vision and needs, in more detail.

Fr Laurence and the Bonnevaux team encourage national and local WCCM communities as well as oblate cells to replicate this idea, sharing the gift of meditation in connection with the vision of Bonnevaux. For further information on how the evening can be set up and organised please contact Adrienne Letay

June 16, 2017

Interview: Andrew Cresswell and Delyth on Bonnevaux

June 16, 2017

Bonnevaux: an example of teamwork mixing energy and generosity

 There is a professional and energetic team dedicated to realising our vision for Bonnevaux. Central to it are the architects who met in London recently to take us to the next level of detail. DP Architects in Singapore, an internationally renowned firm (who have meditation daily at their head office), under their CEO, Angelene Chan, are giving their services freely to the community. Mathieu Meur, Frven Lim and Kailas Moorthy are all part of the team working on the renovation schedule. Jeff Seeck, a German meditator and engineer, has given his skills on the team as Project Manager – just who we needed at the right time! We see all this generously donated talent as a sign of the presence of the Spirit in Bonnevaux.

We will complete the sale during the summer. We intend to start work on the community house, guest house and conference centre in the Fall. Some national groups and many individuals are planning to visit next year, so we want to be ready to receive you. Our core community (drawn from several countries and languages) is meeting next month near Bonnevaux, at the ancient Benedictine monastery of Liguge, to spend time in prayer and reflection together.

Thank you all for your very generous support – for the time, talent and treasure so many are giving. We have now reached the purchase price goal. We are more than half way towards the goal of Phase One.

If you haven’t contributed yet please do so. However modest the amount it counts. It also greatly encourages our whole team working on behalf of the community to make Bonnevaux a stable centre of peace and for peace in our uncertain world.

You can contribute simply by clicking the Donate link here.

If you have any questions about donations please contact Briji Waterfield at our International centre: 

May 16, 2017

Video: The Levels of Silence in Bonnevaux

Giovanni Felicioni explains how WCCM found Bonnevaux to be its new international home and speaks of the possibility of developing three levels of silence at Bonnevaux

May 1, 2017

Video: members of the Guiding Board visit Bonnevaux

Watch a video of a recent visit by members of the Guiding Board:

March 20, 2017

Looking at our New Centre

A contingent of meditators who represent some of the first core community of Bonnevaux recently visited the community’s new home (see photos here).

“It was a grey day in early February when I visited Bonnevaux for the second time. We imagined the future visitors gathering between the main house and the guesthouse and the barn. We discussed having the dining room in the restored stables with the cobbled floor, and the horse boxes with dining tables to create a sense of closeness and community. On warm days we will be able to eat outside. The beautiful barn will become a flexible space, a wonderful conference and meditation area. With or architects, who are donating their time and talent to the project, we will make space for offices and later small cells, again bringing together solitude and community. Inside the main house where the community will move in a few months, we ended the visit in the dining room, where the owner had kindly made a friendly with wood from the property. We sat in a wide circle around the table, said our opening prayer and meditated for the first time together in Bonnevaux. Laurence invited each of us to make a prayer from the heart after meditation, and we listened to a wonderful expression of our oneness and diversity.”(Henriette Hollaar)

“It was exciting to be with the first potential members of the community at Bonnevaux. It felt like one minute we were looking at properties and listening to see if the Spirit was advocating for this project and the next minute a property has been found and people were incarnating it. To be together meditating at the property, sharing meals, discussing the plans, talking things through and laughing a lot. Such joy and presence.” (Giovanni Felicioni)

March 1, 2017

Photos: Winter visit to Bonnevaux

In February Fr. Laurence visited Bonnevaux with a group of meditators, some of them who will be part of the initial team of the new international home and retreat centre.


Visit do Bonnevaux - Feb 2017

February 21, 2017

Bonnevaux: On the Way to Compostela

The Community’s new home will be a ‘centre of peace for peace’. It looks ahead. But it is also rooted in an ancient sacred tradition. Bonnevaux is on one of the four ancient routes from Paris to Santiago de Compostela, the ‘Via Turonensis’, or the Way of Tours. The Pilgrimage to Santiago, the Shrine of St James the Apostle, was made as early as the 10th century. But by the end of the 12th century, it was the major Christian pilgrimage after Jerusalem. It is easy to imagine Bonnevaux, founded as a Benedictine monastery in 1119, as a stopover for pilgrims. To have a safe place where they could sleep, eat and pray and maybe get some medical help. The pilgrims would have come from nearby Poitiers, where they prayed at the church of Notre Dame Grande of Poitiers, received the pilgrim’s blessing and a stamp in their pilgrims’ passport. The day before they would have been in Châttelerault, where you can still visit find the ancient statue of a blissful-looking St James. Then they would follow the road to Melle and most likely prayed in the beautiful 4th century church of St Hilaire. Future pilgrims to Bonnevaux will be able to visit these sacred sites and also walk part of the Camino de Compostela.

February 8, 2017

Gratitude to the Hong Kong Community for supporting Bonnevaux

Laurence Freeman visited Hong Kong recently and celebrated a Chinese New ​Year dinner with the community. In this opportunity he said some words of gratitude to the Hong Kong Community especially for its support of Bonnevaux, the project of a new international home for WCCM.

Listen to the short speech below:

January 17, 2017

Bonnevaux News January

This is the January issue:



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A women’s prison meditation group contributes and feels part of Bonnevaux

Judi Taylor (from Sydney) has been meditating for many years with a group of inmates at Silverwater Women’s Correctional Centre. When she went for the first meditation of 2017, she received $100 from the chaplain, Margaret, with this note:

“When Fr Laurence asked each group worldwide to contribute to a scholarship fund for the new WCCM home in France, the group that meets here wanted to express our gratitude and be part of this initiative. Christian meditation has been a group prayer in Silverwater Women’s Correctional Centre each week on a Thursday for 20 years. Over the past two years, we have meditated on Sunday as well. Many women have come and gone but each tells their own story how this prayer has helped them to let go and let God particularly under difficult circumstances. Many doctors and nurses have commented on the difference these group meetings have made to a particular person. When an inmate leaves I give them a bookmark with how to meditate to help them continue on their own.
We are grateful for the support we have from Judi, Fr Laurence and Pauline Peters.”

What people think
of Bonnevaux

RICHARD ROHR OFM (Founder of Center for Action and Contemplation)

I fully congratulate the World Community for embarking on the project of this new center for its whole community and for all who are seeking depth and peace. It is a truly beautiful place and I am sure it will communicate the beauty of the peace of contemplation. Having an ancient monastic origin adds another dimension to the spirit of the place. Talking with you I know that all contemplatives will feel welcome here and I hope all friends of WCCM can fully support this great venture.

… of our goal for Phase 1 was reached on 15 January 2017

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215568_taylorCHARLES TAYLOR (Philosopher)
For usually solitary meditators, like myself, it is a great boon to be able from time to time to meditate in community, and all the more so in a retreat house set in beautiful surroundings, like Bonnevaux. I am very pleased that the WCCM is taking this initiative.

See what people think of the vision of Bonnevaux


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