How to Help

How will Bonnevaux be financed?

We will be raising funds for Bonnevaux through donations and loans from within the community, and from other benefactors and relevant trusts and foundations. These generous gifts will help us reach our goal and will bring Bonnevaux to its full and wonderful potential.

How you can be involved

There are many ways in which you can be involved with the Bonnevaux Project. You can either gift us through our Four Levels of Giving or by giving what you can to our Bonnevaux Centre fund.

1. FOUNDING BENEFACTORS – above €500,000

Meditators all around the world yearn for Bonnevaux to call their spiritual home. I am giving so that their hopes can be fulfilled. Message from our Founding Benefactor, a Singaporean Meditator

2. ANCHOR BENEFACTORS – above €100,000

Our family foundation sees Bonnevaux as a place where more people can benefit from the value of meditation in their lives and for the world. Message from our Anchor Benefactors, The Dalio Family Foundation

We are meditators in the Buddhist tradition who share in WCCM’s mission for peace and compassion. Message from our Anchor Benefactors, An Indonesian Meditator

3. BONNEVAUX PATRONS – above €10,000

I donated to Bonnevaux because I feel that this beautiful contemplative place with its roots in the ancient Benedictine contemplative tradition of Christianity can shine a beacon of light on the timeless wisdom of meditation and contemplation and thus can make a difference in bringing healing, wisdom and sanity back to our poor world. Message from a Bonnevaux Patron, an Australian Meditator

4. BONNEVAUX FRIEND – above €1,000

The dreams you dream together make reality. Quote from a Bonnevaux Friend, a Brazilian meditator

We feel that besides being a home for all meditators the centre will be a beacon of peace and hope for a troubled world and a place where divisions will be healed as everyone will be welcomed. Message from a Caribbean Meditator

Bonnevaux Center Fund

The Bonnevaux centre fund has been set up to finance the Bonnevaux project and will carry on providing for the centre and the community for years to come. We accept all size contributions whether they are a one off contribution or a pledge to give a monthly contribution over the next 2 or 3 years. These contributions can come in any size and are the building blocks for the success of this project.


The WCCM meditation groups around the world have been asked to contribute €100 to a scholarship fund; with this contribution we will be able to provide resources to allow those with limited means from each meditation group to visit Bonnevaux. To find your local meditation group click here.

The Bonnevaux Fundraising Committee

  • Bertrand Bouhour, Chair, WCCM Trustee, Washington DC
  • Peter Ng, Executive Committee, Singapore
  • Sean Hagan, Executive Committee, Washington DC
  • Catherine Goodman, Artist, WCCM member, London

The Bonnevaux Development Group

  • Catherine Goodman, Artist, WCCM Member, London
  • Bertrand Bouhour, WCCM Trustees, Washington DC
  • Sean Hagan, Executive Committee, Washington DC
  • Grania Cavendish, London
  • Edward Chancellor, London
  • Philippe Hildebrand, London
  • Diana Barran, London
  • Noelle Leitch, London
  • John Drew, London

In a world so accustomed to sombre news and cynicism the good news of a centre for peace and unity comes as a new source of hope and relief in the goodness of human nature. Meditation reveals this goodness in personal experience; I invite you to share in this vision and to contribute to it as generously as you are able to Laurence Freeman OSB

149px-mark_carney_world_economic_forum_2013_3MARK CARNEY (Governor, The Bank of England)
Dear Laurence
I am delighted to hear about Bonnevaux and that it promises to be such a beautiful and timely home for the community and a centre of peace in our world. I hope it receives all the support you need to realise the vision.
I will look forward to coming there one day.

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If you have any questions about how to support Bonnevaux please do not hesitate to contact us.

Briji Waterfield, Director of Special Projects
WCCM International Office, St Marks, Myddelton Square, London EC1R 1XX, United Kingdom
Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7278 2070