Video: The Levels of Silence in Bonnevaux

Giovanni Felicioni explains how WCCM found Bonnevaux to be its new international home and speaks of the possibility of developing three levels of silence at Bonnevaux

Magda Jass ( Montreal WCCM Community)
I met John Main and Laurence when they came to Montreal in 1977 and have been part of the community and an oblate since. I see Bonnevaux as a direct continuation of the founding vision of John Main and of the creative renewal of the Church through meditation. It is rooted in the tradition, and yet full of promise for a new life. It is inspiring to know that is on the site of an ancient monastery, where the prayers have been absorbed into the very stones and soil. One can feel that in certain places. It is new – not just as another meditation center, but as a new type of monastery, with lay people, men and women, single and married, inclusive of faith tradition and nationality; welcoming all like Christ, in the pure Benedictine tradition; welcoming people to meditate, to be in silence, to grow personally, to learn to serve, to lose a bit of their ego, and to contribute to peace, love, compassion and community, both there and in the world.

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