Bonnevaux Contemplative Village Donations Appeal

Bonnevaux Contemplative Village Donations Appeal

The Next Stage

Dear Friends:

Good news! We have almost completed Phase 2 of the Bonnevaux renovation. The Guest House is ready and we are excited to begin the first retreats. This is a milestone for the emerging vision which the global community and many friends have supported since the beginning.

So, this is a good time for an update on the progress of Bonnevaux, sharing with each WCCM national community what has been done and what is yet to come. Angelene Chan, who is the architect-in-charge of the project and a member of the WCCM Guiding Board, has kindly offered to do this with a video presentation.

As you may know, we are now facing a big challenge to raise the 5.6 million Euros needed to complete the next phase of the Contemplative Village and the landscaping. It makes financial sense to keep the building work going because an interruption would mean higher costs and further delay to the full opening of Bonnevaux.

In Angelene’s update she will take the opportunity to explain the finances and ask for support. This may be offered in a number of ways:

  • national community sponsorship of a ‘cell’ in the contemplative village.
  • individual donation from a group of meditators
  • personal donations or cell sponsorship in honour of a named family member or other loved one.

Any amount, big or small, will help towards our goal and be a real encouragement. Angelene and I ask that you share this presentation and our needs for Bonnevaux with everyone you know in the community. If you have suggestions for potential donors who might like to help and whom we could approach personally, please share your thoughts with us.

Bonnevaux is already proving to be a strong force for unity within our community through personal visits and the online programme. Many have also expressed this through their personal generosity in financial support. In these and other ways I feel a real sense that Bonnevaux is becoming a home for the community as well as a centre for peace in our troubled world where the love of the Spirit and the love of our planet flow into each other. Please help by yourself becoming part of this vision.

Laurence Freeman OSB.

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