Basic Christianity: An Induction into the Life of Jesus the Forgiving Victim (James Alison)

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Over the days of this retreat we will look at the central elements of the Christian faith. Starting from the presence among us of the Crucified and Risen Jesus made alive by the Holy Spirit, we will begin to see how each one of the traditional ways of looking at what Jesus was about, and what he did for us, can be lived by us now. So notions of Creation, Sacrifice, forgiveness, Holy Spirit, Church, Scripture and teaching will be put forward in ways that will help participants to find themselves both insiders in the living  mystery, and better informed about the basics of faith. Much use will be made of scriptural texts, so all participants should bring, or have available, a Bible.

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To reap the full benefits the retreat offers, we recommend that you meditate 2-3 times per day. 

How to Create Your Own Retreat

This online retreat is designed to be flexible around your daily life and time zone. Please visit here where we provide support on creating a rhythm and structure to your retreat: how much silence you would like, meditation times, reading of sacred texts, practicing yoga and more, plus other suggestions to help you embody the retreat and stay off-line as much as possible. 

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James Alison is a Catholic priest, theologian and author. He earned his doctorate from the Jesuit Faculty in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. James has lived in many countries and works as an itinerant preacher, lecturer and leader of retreats. He is one of the principal theological interpreters of the work of René Girard (most recently as author of an introduction to the Christian faith for adults following Girard’s thought, and co-editor with Wolfgang Palaver of a handbook on mimetic theory and religion), and is a Fellow of Imitatio (www.imitatio.org). Over the years James has firmly but gently faced down Church authority on matters gay and lived to tell the tale. His writing can be accessed on www.jamesalison.co.uk When not on the road he lives in Madrid with his son, Luiz Felipe, and (canine) grandson, the French Bulldog, Nicholas.


May 05 - 09 2021
James Alison


James Alison