Towards a New Earth – Meditatio Ecology (led by Michel Maxime Egger & others)

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A contemplative approach to preparing for tomorrow and navigating change

The World Community for Christian Meditation invites you to experience a weekend of reflection, meditation and silence in a setting of natural beauty. This event is designed to give us new perspective and enhance our ability to initiate ecological transformation. A broad range of contributors, themselves committed to ecological transformation, will guide and accompany us through a series of talks, workshops and group discussions.

With time running out, we are called to implement, together, effective initiatives to care for our Earth and ourselves and to tackle the world’s great ecological challenges (climate, biodiversity, etc.). This is why the World Community for Christian Meditation is proposing this event, open to all, which will offer time and space to cultivate our inner garden, connect with nature, and care for ourselves and the planet.


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Alternatively you can send by post to Gabriel et Geneviève Vieille- 4, rue Parguez, 25000 Besançon, France Tel.: +33 (0)3 81 51 16 12 or +33 (0)6 77 94 66 48

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Languages at the retreat

All talks will be translated into English. Some workshops will be held in English and the others will be in French. 

The agenda

Each day will be punctuated by periods of meditation at Bonnevaux, either seated in silence in the magnificent meditation room or walking outdoors in the unspoiled grounds, and there will also be times for celebration.

The talks by Laurence Freeman and Michel Maxime Egger will be followed by time for group discussion to which everyone is welcome to contribute.

In addition, the workshops offered by each of the contributors will serve to enhance the sensitivity with which we approach our world, enabling each of us to consolidate our path to inner transition and transformation at the deepest level.

We hope that participants will leave feeling nourished and supported in their individual and collective actions. The community at the Abbaye de Bonnevaux also hopes to use the input obtained from the group discussions to enrich its plan for the creation of a centre for peace.

Registration will begin at Bonnevaux at 2.00 pm on Thursday 21 May 2020. 

The weekend’s events will close after lunch on Sunday 24 May 2020. 

Michael Maxime Egger speaks on Ecospirituality (click at CC for English subtitles)


Ecospirituality and internal transition
Michel Maxime Egger, theologian, head of the laboratory for internal transition (Bread for our neighbour). 

Contemplation as a path to transformation
Laurence Freeman, benedictine, spiritual director of the World Community for Christian Meditation 

The current crisis in the light of St Francis, the “Laudato si” encyclical and the teachings of various spiritual traditions (notably zen)
Bernard Durel, Dominican, writer. 

The experience of nature, silence and poetic writing
Jean Lavoué, poet. 

Work that connects us to the Earth and to ourselves
Christine Kristof, eco journalist, co-founder of Anima Terra. 

The work of transforming body, mind and soul
Jean Luc Souveton, priest, leader of fasting and meditation sessions. 

Reading the Bible together, close to nature
Isabelle Carlier, biblicist at the Meylan theological centre 

The socio-ecological planetary crisis and how to navigate it with Christ
William Clapier, theologian, writer. 

The poetics of the encounter with oneself, the other and nature
Manuella Pointet, biodanza instructor. 

Permaculture linked to spirituality
Ron Berezan, founder of Urban Farmer – Canada. 

Creation in connection with nature
Rebecca Brewin, artist – England. 

The experience of connection with nature through the perceptible
Arnaud Callec, naturalist with the know and protect nature network. 

Exploring the garden to connect with nature
Thomas Litzler, permaculture market gardener at Bonnevaux. 

Transient creation, natural mandala
Elisabeth Dehlinger, art therapist, plastic artist. 

Spiritual sharing around the experience of defending an atoll
Jacques de Foiard Brown, hermit priest on the Isle of Mauritius, former agronomical engineer. 


May 21 2020 - May 24 2020


3-day event - rate per person for the weekend, accommodation not included: 95 € (see more options in the flyer)
Michel-Maxime Egger


Michel-Maxime Egger

Other Leaders

Laurence Freeman
Laurence Freeman