Leaping to a New Land

Meditatio Ecology: A contemplative approach to awakening to tomorrow and going through change – In French

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This unique event is organised by WCCM France at Bonnevaux and is open to everyone concerned for our world. It will highlight the emergency the planet faces through an experience of natural beauty, meditation, and solidarity. Contemplation will clearly be not an escape from the truth but a way of clarifying and sustaining the right kind of active response appropriate to each of us.

Michael Maxime Egger speaks on Ecospirituality (click at CC for English subtitles)

All seminar leaders

Michel-Maxime Egger, theologian, head of the Laboratory of Inner Transition (Bread for All)

Laurence Freeman, director of the World Community for Christian Meditation.

Bernard Durel, Dominican, writer and lecturer on Laudato si.

Jean Lavoué, poet.

Jean Luc Souveton, priest, facilitator of fasting and meditation sessions.

Isabelle Carlier, biblical scholar from the Theological Centre of Meylan.

Jacques de Foiard Brown, hermit priest from Mauritius, former agricultural engineer.

William Clapier, theologian, writer.

Christine Kristoffe, eco-journalist, co-founder of the ‘Réseau des éco – sites sacré’ and of Christian Movement United for Earth.

Manuella Pointet, biodanza.

Thomas Litzler, permaculture at Bonnevaux.

Arnaud Callec, naturalist, ornithologist.

Rebecca Brewin, artist – England.

Ron Berezan, founder of Urban Farmer – Canada.

Élizabeth Dehlinger, art therapist, plastic surgeon.


May 21 2020 - May 24 2020


Abbaye de Bonnevaux
86370 Marçay, France
Michel-Maxime Egger


Michel-Maxime Egger

Other Leaders

Laurence Freeman
Laurence Freeman