Health Series: The Harmonies of a Healthy Life

Recovering wholeness for full human being

Monthly seminar Jan – Nov 2021, the WCCM Year of Health


The event is online only

We live in the golden age of medicine. Breakthroughs, cures and life-expectancy have all flourished with medical science. The present Covid-19 pandemic shows the value and necessity of this dimension of medicine. Yet, never before has health been such a highly charged, confused and conflicted issue for both individuals, the medical profession and society at large. It seems, to many medical practitioners and to patients themselves, that we have gained so much but, at times, neglected something essential: our capacity for deep and transformative healing.

Dr Barry White is well-known for his innovative, clear and deep insights into one of the key challenges of contemporary healthcare: what does health mean and how do we continue curing without losing the central importance of healing? He has introduced many clinicians to the practice of meditation and has led a clinical trial demonstrating the wider health benefits of meditation.

For a long time, he and Laurence Freeman have collaborated in this field. In the monthly online seminars beginning in January 2021, they will present complementary approaches to understanding what it means to be healthy – seeking to integrate the medical and spiritual dimensions.

This series of WCCM seminars proposes a contemplative recovery of the meaning of health and healthy living. It is as suitable for those interested in starting a contemplative practice as for those who have been meditating for years.  

It is hoped to hold a retreat at Bonnevaux as soon as possible after the Seminar in late 2021.

Schedule (French time)

  • 12 JAN – Meditation 1 : An introduction to the Practice
  • 16 FEB – Meditation 2 : Its role in Health and Healing
  • 16 MAR – A contemplative approach to Sleep
  • 20 APR – A contemplative approach to Nutrition
  • 25 MAY – A contemplative approach to Work and Movement
  • 15 JUN – A contemplative approach to the Mind
  • 27 JUL – The meaning of Suffering
  • 07 SEP – Love – the universal healer
  • 02 NOV – The harmonies of a healthy life

Registration Options

€15 – €35

Register for talk 3: 16 MAR – A contemplative approach to Sleep. Recording available for a month.

€60 – €140

Register for all 9 talks in advance and get 5 talks free, plus lifetime access to the recordings of all 9 talks.

Dr Barry White is a Consultant Haematologist from Dublin and he was the first National Director of Clinical Care for the Irish Health Executive. He has been working with Laurence Freeman to teach meditation at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and to the healtchare environment. He was speaker at the John Main Seminar, September 2018, in Bruges, Belgium, speaking on “A contemplative practice to transform healthcare.”

Laurence Freeman is a Benedictine monk of the Monastery of S. Maria del Pilastrello, Lendinara, Italy, in the Benedictine Congregation of Monte Oliveto. He is Director of Bonnevaux and of The World Community for Christian Meditation.


Nov 02 2021


French Time
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Dr Barry White


Dr Barry White

Other Leaders

Laurence Freeman
Laurence Freeman