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September 2023

New Wine, New Skins
John Main Seminar 14-17 September 2023

A wineskin was usually made of goat or sheep skin to store or transport wine. Putting new wine into old skins while it was still fermenting risked breaking the skin and losing the wine. Jesus uses the metaphor to illustrate the perennial freshness of the revolution he began and continues to drive – his empowering call to a renewed consciousness that will manifest new forms and structures of human life. Christians pray that this ‘reign of God will come on earth as in heaven’. ...
Cynthia BourgeaultAndrew HarveyLaurence Freeman
11 - 17 Sep
Bonnevaux - On the Ground
86370 Marçay, France
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December 2023

The Gift of the Always New: Christmas Eve Virgil

Christmas is a time of gift-giving. A gift is not just a cheap novelty, but something that brings newness, renewing our relationships and changing our way of being. Join us as we await the gift of Jesus’ birth and reflect on the mysteries of the Incarnation. ...
Laurence Freeman
24 Dec
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