Live events from Bonnevaux

Live events from Bonnevaux

Here is a list of the current live events streaming from Bonnevaux. Any changes to the schedule will be published on this page.

Meditate with the Bonnevaux Community

NOTE: The Thursday meditation sessions will pause for now. You can watch the recordings of Online Meditation from Bonnevaux held so far from the WCCM YouTube channel.

Contemplative Mass

Every Sunday at 12:00 pm (French time) join us for Contemplative Mass from Bonnevaux. Click on the link a few minutes prior the start on the day. This event may on occasions be a contemplative communion service

You can also add your name to the Bonnevaux Book of Prayer here.

The recordings of all the Contemplative Masses held so far can be viewed here from WCCM YouTube channel.

Download the readings of Mass for 1 Nov HERE

Yoga session with Giovanni Felicioni

Every Tuesday 4:45 pm (French time) Yoga Live Classes – Join us for a streaming session with Bonnevaux yoga instructor Giovanni Felicioni.

The class will be beginners level. You can click on this link a few minutes before the starting time.