Online Events are organised by WCCM, and On-the-Ground Events are organised by l’Association Abbaye de Bonnevaux – Centre pour le Paix (ABP).

  • 2022 Online Series

Unified Consciousness: One Mind One Heart

The Common Insight of all Spiritual Traditions and of the Greatest Scientists

Seeing What St. Paul Saw

St Paul is usually misunderstood. Understandably, because he was an intense personality, a volcano of vision and passion. But failing to see what he is teaching is to miss out on one of the great sources of wisdom.

Evening Talks Series

The diverse speakers in this series bring common gifts to share with us as we deal with the challenges of our lives and the uncertainties about the future. Wisdom, intelligence and especially a lively and deep contemplative perspective. They become guides and inspiration for the journey we must follow through the year.

Additional Series in 2022

Future of Intelligence​

In this series of round table dialogues, we will explore integral intelligence: the several balanced and unified forms of intelligence that humanity is gifted with. Speakers in the series will draw on left and right hemisphere styles of attention and investigate the unique nature of spiritual intelligence, the risks of AI, and finally that art of socio-political intelligence.

Future of Intelligence

A new series of inspiring and refreshing speakers from around the world. More information coming soon.

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  • Individual Events
July 2022
September 2022
October 2022

Intimate God (in French)

Intimate God is to come face to face with our true humanity: since we have been created in the image and likeness of God, to find this image in ourselves, to cultivate this likeness in ourselves, is to discover who we really are, while at the same time discovering who He is. ...
Eric Clotuche
12 - 16 Oct, 2022
Bonnevaux - On the Ground
watercolour Bonnevaux

Contemplation & Watercolour

Contemplating the beauty of nature by painting will lead you into a deeper ”being in the now” and a new attention to reality as it is unfolding around you. ...
Tilde Carlsen
19 - 22 Oct, 2022
Bonnevaux - On the Ground
November 2022
December 2022
barn at night

Christmas Eve Vigil 2022

As we give and receive presents this year let us be aware of what we are doing -- an ancient ritual of affirming peaceful relationships. But Christmas also symbolizes that our existence itself is gift. ...
Laurence Freeman
24 Dec, 2022
10:00 pm
WCCM - Online
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