Bonnevaux Construction Update July2021

Bonnevaux Construction Work: July Update

In this update, we walk through the current status of works at the Bonnevaux construction site. Principal Axis Tracing the Principal Axis through the Centre

Bonnevaux in bloom - spring 2021

Building a Community

In this article, we set off on an exploration with DP Architect Kailas Moorthy on how Community has informed the design of Bonnevaux, from the

Construction Work Update

Bonnevaux Construction Work: March Update

Bonnevaux is the WCCM spiritual community centre. In this article, we head off on a journey through the latest on the construction work taking place at Bonnevaux stables, barn and abbey together with DP architect Kailas Moorthy.

News and Updates

Bonnevaux Center Manager (English)

The Association Bonnevaux pour La Paix (ABP) is looking for its first manager to launch and set up a brand new Retreat Centre. The Centre,

Eva Natanya
News and Updates

Living Resurrected Lives

Introducing Risen Life – a webinar with Eva Natanya, Veronica Mary Rolf, Laurence Freeman and Giovanni Felicioni Meet Eva Natanya, a scholar of Christian systematic

A gentler way of farming

A gentler way of farming with Thomas Litzler

Thomas Litzler is an expert in permaculture and agroecology. He’s currently responsible for the farming and gardening activities in the area surrounding Bonnevaux Abbey.