A Contemplative Path Through The Crisis: Inter-Contemplative Dialogues

Alan Wallace, Eva Natanya, Laurence Freeman – Buddhist and Christian Friends Serving Peace by Seeking Truth The dialogue planned to take place at Bonnevaux will now take place online during the week of March 21-28, 2020 In these times of anxiety and fear we invite you to participate with three spiritual friends and teachers, representing […]

All events at Bonnevaux are suspended until further notice

The health and safety of our Bonnevaux guests and residents is our priority during the Corona pandemic. In accordance with official recommendations, all public events and retreats at Bonnevaux are therefore suspended from Saturday 14 March until further notice. With our community worldwide we are planning a programme of online teachings and meditations by which […]

Sean and team Bonnevaux

Meditation is the connection to true love: Meet Sean

We met with Sean O’Malley from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in the US. “My name is Sean O’Malley, an Irish Catholic from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in the US. I grew up going to church each week, eventually becoming an alter server. However, after high school, given the option to go to church or not, I chose not to […]

Listen to the talks by Laurence Freeman from the Bonnevaux Lent Retreat

The 40 days of Lent pick up a symbol of “40” in the bible and Islam as well. It is a length of time associated with a testing period, a probation, maybe with difficulties and challenges, but you sort of graduate after 40 days. The Israelites wander 40 days in the desert. Moses spent 40 […]

Conference Centre fully complete

February update: The renovation of the Conference Centre

The renovation of the Conference Centre (the Barn) is now formally complete. A group of architects and contractors met with the Bonnevaux Community at the beginning of February 2020, marking the completion of the renovation work at the Meditatio Conference Centre and signaling the approach of its official opening. The Conference Centre is a voluminous […]

Abbaye de Bonnevaux: Centre for Peace, is seeking to recruit a Retreat & Conference Centre Manager

The World Community for Christian Meditation is establishing a meditation and conference center in Bonnevaux near Poitiers. This center will open its doors at the end of 2020 and, during its first phase, will provide accommodation for 39 guests and space for 180 participants. To develop and manage this new structure, the Association Abbaye de Bonnevaux: […]

Crucifix in Bonnevax

Why being part of a community matters: A conversation with João

My experience of meditation started back in 2014 as a part of a personal development journey. At that time I didn’t follow any spiritual or religious paths, so I started to explore meditation following the Buddhist and Secular approach, which was what I could easily access in my hometown. After knowing a little bit more […]