Daily Life

The central house is home to a residential community living in the spirit of St Benedict. This core community includes oblates, and long-term guests. The daily life is built on the spirit of silence within the monastic rhythm of prayer, work and study, hospitality and care for others.
During the set times of prayer and meditation all other activities rest and move into silence. All are invited to share in the daily work of running of the centre.

Meditation Times: 06h30, 07h20, 12h15, 18h00, 20h30.
Local: Chapel


John Main OSB

John Main OSB (1926-1982) was a major spiritual figure of the XX Century. Important for his recovery of meditation in the Christian tradition as part of the contemplative dimension of faith for all people. His simple and profound teaching recognise that meditation creates community. The Community at Bonnevaux and the World Community itself witness to this insight in their life

Core Community

Laurence Freeman OSB

Director of WCCM and of Bonnevaux

David Simpson

From UK

Henriette Hollaar

From Holland

Andrew McAlister

From Australia

Susanne Blaser

From Switzerland

Giovanni Felicioni

Associate Director, from UK

Catherine Charrière

From Switzerland, Programme Manager

Sébastien Brissette

From Canada

Mary Katherine

From USA

Andres Perez

From Colombia

Extended Community

Sandrine Vinay

From France

Marie Dominique

From France

Fréderique Saillard

From France

Philippe Saillard

From France

Pascale Callec

From France

Rebecca Brewin

From Uk

Arnaud Callec

From France

Jacqueline Marquis

From France

Jean-Claude Marquis

From France

The Abbaye

This 12th century former Benedictine Monastery will serve as the Main House for the Bonnevaux community.

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You can come to Bonnevaux as a volunteer. Sharing in the community life of prayer, work and study, you can contribute your talents on the land, in the kitchen, helping with hospitality or administration. The volunteer programme is shaped both for those new to meditation and those wishing to deepen their practice.

The Community Online

Find online courses in the School of Meditation, online meditation groups and regular readings to support your daily meditation. 

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