‘It is the white space between the words on a page that makes it readable. Without periods of silence and non-action, our words and our deeds jumble up into meaningless spirals of stress. We need a web of silence spread around the world just as extensively as the web of technology." – Laurence Freeman, OSB

retreat centre

The Guesthouse (The Stables)

The former stables has been converted into a variety of functional spaces to receive visitors on retreat. The Guesthouse contains beautifully appointed rooms that accommodate up to 34 guests, a spacious reception & lounge, dining room, bookshop, and the administrative offices.

Conference Centre (The Barn)

The former barn was transformed into a multipurpose Conference Centre, with a seating capacity of up to 200. Activities such as retreat talks, seminars, meditation sessions, yoga sessions and others all transpire here in the Barn. The Contemplative Eucharist is broadcast live every Sunday from the Barn.

The Land & Environment

The land is home to over 20 different habitats, some of which have heritage value. We consider ourselves to be stewards of this fertile place.

Natural Beauty at Bonnevaux WCCM Poitiers France

Development Plans

The plan to develop Bonnevaux to its full potential is proceed in phases each of which continues to need funding. Learn more about the plans for the next phase, the Contemplative Cloister

A Contemplative Community

Bonnevaux is the international meditation and retreat centre of The World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM). A residential community lives in the spirit of the Rule of St Benedict together with volunteers from many parts of the world. Bonnevaux fosters global peace and unity among all traditions through dialogue, silence and friendship.