Retreat Center

‘‘It is the white space between the words on a page that makes it readable. Without periods of silence and non-action, our words and our deeds jumble up into meaningless spirals of stress. We need a web of silence spread around the world just as extensively as the web of technology.

– Laurence Freeman, OSB

Retreat Centre

It opens July 2020 and has capacity for up to 39 guests.

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Conference Centre

The multipurpose Meditatio Conference Centre (to be completed in November) has a capacity for 200.

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The Land

The land has over 20 different habitats, some of which are of heritage value. The community see themselves as stewards of this fertile place.

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Upcoming Retreats

Silence, Stillness, simplicity: learning to meditate
(reduced contribution)

18-20 October 2019
Liz Watson

A simple introduction to the place of meditation in the Christian tradition, to the practice and to its meaning for faith. The weekend consists of teaching and practice times as well as opportunities for discussion and for personal meetings.

A Contemplative Community

Bonnevaux is the international meditation and retreat centre of The World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM). A residential community lives in the spirit of the Rule of St Benedict together with volunteers from many parts of the world. Bonnevaux serves global peace and unity among all traditions through dialogue, silence and friendship.

Meet the Community


“I fully congratulate the World Community for embarking on the project of this new center for its whole community and for all who are seeking depth and peace. It is a truly beautiful place and I am sure it will communicate the beauty of the peace of contemplation.”

RICHARD ROHR OFM (Founder of Center for Action and Contemplation)