Retreat at Home – Incarnating

Incarnating / Embodying Your Retreat

Please consider some embodiment practices, while using online resources, to nourish and inspire your retreat and to keep it rooted in the beauty of you and the world around you.

1) Nourish yourself well

  • fruit and vegetables
  • vary your proteins and fats
  • consider exploring Intermittent Fasting
  • warm water in the mornings with cider vinegar or lemon to alkalise your system (especially if you have been in front of the computer a lot, drunk a lot of coffee and or slept little).

2) Embody

  • take time each day to practice making friends with your body
  • take up a movement practice that is experiential rather than performative
  • to access yoga classes for this retreat click here & use your retreat password
  • go out into your neighbourhood and or nature if possible, at a time when there are less people about
  • get some sun
  • enjoy a hot bath or shower
  • stop and be still

3) Expression / Impression balance

4) Sleep more

  • sleep even more