Young Adult Retreat; Sources of Happiness – Where to Find Them (led by Laurence Freeman, Giovanni Felicioni and others)

A meditation, yoga, contemplative eucharist and personal mentoring retreat for young adults

This event is online only, and in English.

Last year we held a very diverse enriching retreat for young adults (ages 18-40) from different parts of the world. This year we do it again, but it will have to be online. It will still be centred in Bonnevaux where participants will feel connected through a creative use of technology to address some of the most pressing questions of our troubling times – 

  • Where to find happiness in an authentic way. 
  • How to make meditation part of your life. 
  • How to feel supported in a community you can believe in and that believes in you. 
  • How to deal with your personal issues with spiritual friendship and skilled counselling.

We also have suggestions for you (see bottom of page) to construct a daily retreat framework that suits your current situation while using the essential elements originating from Bonnevaux. All the videos of the talks (either pre-recorded or live streamed) will be available on-demand for participants.

Please note that registrations for this retreat are now closed.

Meditation : A Source of Happiness and Peace

The retreat will rest on three daily meditation sessions transmitted live from Bonnevaux, and which you can join in with the community there. If you can’t make one there will be some special pre-recorded meditation sessions led by Laurence. If you are new to meditation, there will be an introduction to the practice in our tradition and personal support to help you get started. 

Yoga : A Source of Happiness and Balance

Giovanni will lead a daily yoga session specially for the retreat – in addition to the weekly session he leads with a large following. We believe that any spiritual path needs a recovery of the integral balance between body, mind and spirit. This is an important element of the retreat.

Contemplative Eucharist : A Source of Happiness and Faith

During the retreat there will be an opportunity to celebrate the Eucharist, the mystical heart of Christian worship, led by Laurence with the Bonnevaux community. As we find more personal wholeness and inner peace the person of Jesus appears in a new, inward experience.

Mentoring : A Source of Happiness and Healing

In addition to members of the Bonnevaux community, there will be other experienced younger, mature meditators available for personal online one-to-one daily sessions. These will be confidential conversations focusing on personal issues and meditation practice.


Daily Schedule (French Time)

All the videos of the talks (either pre-recorded or live streamed) will be available on-demand for participants.

  • 6:30 – 7:00 — Meditation – optional
  • 7:20 – 8:00      — Morning prayer & meditation
  • 9:00 -10:00      —  Yoga
  • 10:30 -11:30     —  Talk
  • 12:15            — Midday prayer & meditation
  • 14:00 -15:00        — Questions & Answers (15:00 – 16:00 on Wednesday)
  • 15:30 -17:30          — Interviews, solitude & rest (16:30 – 17:30 on Wednesday)
  • 18:00          — Contemplative Eucharist & meditation


  • 7:007:30 — Meditation – optional
  • 7:45 – 8:30      — Morning prayer & meditation
  • 10:30 -11:30     —  Talk
  • 12:15       — Contemplative Mass and the end of the retreat

To reap the full benefits the retreat offers, we recommend that you meditate 2-3 times per day. 


How to Create Your Own Retreat

This online retreat is designed to be flexible around your daily life and time zone. Please visit here where we provide support on creating a rhythm and structure to your retreat: how much silence you would like, meditation times, reading of sacred texts, practicing yoga and more, plus other suggestions to help you embody the retreat and stay off-line as much as possible. 

This retreat is Free. Please make a contribution.

Bonnevaux is offering these events free for the time being while we explore putting some of our Programme online. Please consider donating to help us continue sharing the gift of meditation at Bonnevaux and worldwide. We recommend a contribution of €50 to 150 for entire retreat (€10 to 30 per day)

Laurence Freeman

Fr Laurence is a Benedictine monk of the Monastery of S. Maria del Pilastrello, Lendinara, Italy, in the Benedictine Congregation of Monte Oliveto. He is Director of Bonnevaux and of The World Community for Christian Meditation.

Giovanni Felicioni

Giovanni (Bonnevaux Associate Director) has been part of WCCM from the very beginning, and was involved in its official foundation in 1991. He is an Oblate, a certified Advanced Rolfer™, a Rolf Movement™ practitioner and a Yoga Teacher.


Jul 29 2020 - Aug 02 2020


We recommend a contribution of €50 to 150 for entire retreat (€10 to 30 per day)
Laurence Freeman


Laurence Freeman

Other Leaders

Giovanni Felicioni
Giovanni Felicioni