The Message of Bhutan – Prioritising wellbeing and real happiness for integrated social, material and communal development(led by Dr. Julia Kim)

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Prioritising wellbeing and real happiness as a focus for integrated social, material and communal development (rather than just mindless economic growth) : how meditation opens the way to personal and social transformation.

We are living at a time of unprecedented social, economic, and environmental crisis. With rising levels of stress, anxiety and depression, many are turning to meditation as a source of emotional support.  At the same time, mindfulness has become a fashionable “performance enhancer” from executive boardrooms to elite basketball teams. But is this all there is to it? Or can one combine the wisdom of contemplative practice with compassionate action, to bring about positive social change in our world? How do we balance the inner and outer dimensions of being fully human?

Come join us for this interactive weekend retreat, where we will:

·       Explore the underlying causes of our current social crisis of loneliness and despair – as well as the latest scientific research on happiness and wellbeing (including neuroscience, positive psychology, social epidemiology and economics)

·       Experience how inner practices such as meditation can be a foundation for creating a deeper connection to self, others and nature

·       Learn about Bhutan and Gross National Happiness (GNH) – and how this Himalayan country’s innovative approach to measuring happiness is being applied to promote human flourishing and a sustainable and balanced approach to development

·       Explore how the principles and practices of GNH can be applied at personal, community, and organizational levels

This program is geared towards anyone interested in combining inner leadership and social change towards a happier and more sustainable future. There will be periods of guided meditation and self-reflection, as well as interactive discussions, group activity, and time in nature. No prior meditation experience is required.

Start and stop times:

Starts: 16:30 Friday and ends after lunch on Sunday

We will have to keep 20% if the cancellation happens until one month before the beginning of the retreat and after this we will keep 50% for the administration charge.
The cancellation must be made by the person submitting the booking form and is communicated to us in writing or via email. Cancellation will take effect from the day that the written request is received by us. We strongly recommend that you have your own travel insurance to cover any loss or injury, and including cancellations.

Dr. Julia Kim

Dr Julia is a leading expert in global health, wellbeing, and sustainable development, and the Program Director of the Gross National Happiness Centre in Bhutan. Prior to living in Bhutan, Julia worked as a medical doctor and HIV researcher in Africa and Asia, before serving with the United Nations (UNDP and UNICEF) in New York. Together with the Centre, she currently leads retreats & international programs that combine meditation & inner leadership, deep nature immersion, and action learning – to spark individual and social transformation towards an economy of wellbeing. Julia has been an invited speaker at the “Wisdom Together” Conferences (Stockholm and Oslo), Schumacher College (UK), the School of Life (Australia), the Mind and Life Institute (USA), “ICLIF Leadership Summit Asia” (Malaysia), Leadership Matters: Business and Politics as Drivers for Inclusive and Sustainable Development” (German World Bank Group Forum). She is also an Associate of the Presencing Institute – a global network that views the integration of compassion and mindfulness-based practices as a core capacity of 21st-century innovation and leadership. She holds degrees from the University of Manitoba, Cornell University, Tufts University, and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.


Aug 28 2020 - Aug 30 2020


€230(single room & meals included), €180 (per person, twin shared room & meals included), €140 (Off-site accommodation, independent booking and payment - meals included)
Dr Julia Kim


Dr Julia Kim

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Laurence Freeman