Wisdom Living & the Joy of Connection – The Desert

Saturdays once a month from 15:00 – 17:00 (French time)

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The experience of loneliness and the fear of isolation are rampant in our world today. Wisdom speaks to us from many sources. She helps us reconnect to the self, others and to our divine origin.  Solitude is the cure for loneliness, community is the safe space where we reconnect to others and learn about ourselves.  And from this grows a new capacity for healthy intimacy and strong relationships.  Meditation is simply the practice of wisdom reconnecting us to all that we are part of. 

This will be a journey through the roots of meditation in the Christian Tradition as experienced in the circumstances of modern life by younger people.  These talks will address the feeling that many young people have of being spiritually rootless and hope to offer them a way of reconnection. 

WCCM offers an opportunity to connect personal experience an questioning to an open and include tradition within a diverse and supportive community of fellow seekers.  John Main, who planted the first seed of this community, was a monk who himself bridged the Christian world with other faiths.  Laurence Freeman developed this approach seeing meditation as opening the common ground and offering a way to unity and peace in our divided world.

The Themes will be:

27 MARThe Tradition: the deep and long tradition of Christian meditation

17 APRThe Desert: how we learn to simplify without losing the essence of meaning.

15 MAYSolitude and Relationship: no healthy relationship can flourish without a capacity for solitude which is the cure for loneliness.

12 JUN Meditation: discovering pure prayer of the heart.

17 JULStages Of The Journey: the meditator opens up deepening levels of consciousness into fuller self knowledge.

28 AUGSpirituality: how meditation reshapes the spiritual practices of life and of life as a spiritual practice.

11 SEP Another Oneself: this was the ancient definition of a friend. There are many types of friendship and the kind developed in spiritual practice together is central to this tradition.

30 OCTAscesis: training the body and the mind into a fit and flexible healthiness is in itself an enjoyable exercise. This covers every aspect of food, sex and life-style.

20 NOVSacred Texts: re-learning the nourishing art of reading wisdom texts in the Christian and other traditions.

18 DEC Who Do You Say I Am: the Christian way is not essentially about morality or dogma but an encounter with a Person who is hidden in plain sight.

Registrations options

€10 – €30

Register for talk 1 – 27 MAR – The Cave: referring both to the conditions of life in which we meditate and the inner cave of the heart. Recording available for a month.

€50 – €150

Register for all 10 talks in advance and get 5 talks free, plus lifetime access to the recordings of all 10 talks.

Laurence Freeman is a Benedictine monk of the Monastery of S. Maria del Pilastrello, Lendinara, Italy, in the Benedictine Congregation of Monte Oliveto. He is Director of Bonnevaux and of The World Community for Christian Meditation.


May 15 2021


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Laurence Freeman


Laurence Freeman