Blessing of Bonnevaux will take place on 21 November


The blessing of Bonnevaux will take place on 21 November with the installation of an icon of John Cassian. Please share this sacred moment with us: we ask that on 21 November, meditators throughout the world pause for a moment in gratitude for the presence of WCCM in the world, for the gifts that have been shared up til now, and for the all the hopes that Bonnevaux embodies for future generations. We ask that all who can, have an extra period of meditation that day, either on their own or in a small group.

After meditation please share this reading and prayer:

Meditation is the supreme way into faith, into commitment. All action must be shallow, mere immediacy if it is not based on the commitment to what is real, which must also be to what is eternal. Our invitation is to know now, with direct, personal knowledge, what is real and eternal, and knowing it, to live our lives inspired by love.

John Main OSB

May Bonnevaux flourish as a lamp on a lampstand, a new way of contemplative Christianity, a centre of peace, a place of teaching and transmission, and a home for future generations of our community. May the Lord bring to completion the good work he has begun in us and in the Bonnevaux of the 21st century.

Laurence Freeman OSB