Bonnevaux Construction Work: July Update

Paola Di Pietro

In this update, we walk through the current status of works at the Bonnevaux construction site.

Principal Axis

Tracing the Principal Axis through the Centre Of Peace, starting in the Contemplative Village, past the Barn, through the main reception at the Stables, past the Abbey, across the river La Rune and ending at Thomas’ market garden.

This principal Axis was crafted around existing site features, such as the ruin at the centre of the proposed Contemplative Village, the central archway of the Stables that will become the main reception, the bridge over the river La Rune and the staircase up through Bonnevaux.

The creation of this clear vista through the site will provide an intuitive clarity of wayfinding through Bonnevaux for newly-arrived guests, presenting a clear path towards the heart of the site: the main reception in the Stables.

Stables Reception Hall

A pan through the Main Reception at the Stables, starting with a view looking back along the Principle Axis at the Contemplative Village and ending with a view towards the Abbey. This is where newly-arrived guests are greeted for the first time. Through the curated props in the space, the clarity wall and history wall they will be able to orientate themselves within the wider campus and understand the history of Bonnevaux and the WCCM.

Stay tuned on the latest news on Bonnevaux

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