Fr.Laurence teaching to the Hong Kong pilgrim group

My Bonnevaux Pilgrimage Reflections 2.0

by Danielle Lee When I decided to join my parents for the pilgrimage to Bonnevaux, I was excited but wary. The majority of the trip participants were solidly middle-aged (some even elderly) Hong Kong ladies, and I was going to be the youngest person by decades. Now that the pilgrimage is over, I realize that […]

Group Meeting Discusses the Future of Bonnevaux

Bonnevaux hosted a meeting to discuss the future of its project from 22 to 24 November, with the participation of members of the international Community, French & local and the Bonnevaux core community. It was a time to discuss the different aspects of Bonnevaux, challenges, needs, plans, with the fundamental support of meditation periods. It […]

A Conversation With Silvia: Treasuring That Sense of Peace That Comes From Meditation

We meet meditator Silvia from Italy who has taken part to the Watercolour and Contemplation Workshop held in Bonnevaux this August. Tell us a little bit about you, where you come from, what brought you to the world of meditation? My name is Silvia and I live in Bergamo, in the north of Italy. My […]

A Conversation With Teresa: Meditating Together Helps Me on My Spiritual Journey

We meet meditator Teresa from Italy who has recently been at the Essential Teachings retreat held in Bonnevaux this October. Tell us a little bit about you, where you come from, what brought you to the world of meditation? I am Teresa from Italy. I came across the world of meditation by chance. Ten years […]

Bonnevaux project wins Gold at the 2019 London Design Awards

We are very happy to announce that the design for Bonnevaux by DP Architects has been awarded Gold at the London Design Awards. The project converts the site of a 12th-century abbey near Poitiers, France, into a campus of peace and meditation, and a new home for the World Community for Christian Meditation. Works on […]

The first Essential Teaching Weekend at Bonnevaux

The first Essential Teaching Weekend at Bonnevaux (11-13 October)⁣ A beautiful meeting to deepen the teaching of meditation and share silence, stillness and simplicity.⁣

Bonnevaux: In the Steps of the Present Past by Andrew McAlister

By Andrew McAlister At Bonnevaux we have a cloister that runs along the front of the Abbaye. This cloister is the last remaining section of what was once four sections of cloister. Before the French Revolution, there were three further sections of building that formed a square with the cloister running along its inside walls. This […]