Bonnevaux News October 2018

The 2019 calendar brings images from Bonnevaux, expressing the natural beauty, the contemplative atmosphere and the community life already growing at the WCCM’s new home. All photographs taken by Laurence Freeman with words from John Main. You can pre-order the calendar here.

Bonnevaux News September: The First Pilgrimage to Bonnevaux

A Group of meditators from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia and the USA visited Bonnevaux in September (12-14). It was part of a special pilgrimage to celebrate the 25th anniversary of WCCM Malaysia. Because of the renovation work, they stayed in a hotel nearby and came each day to Bonnevaux for talks by Fr Laurence and […]

Stillness of mind and body: the backbone of life at Bonnevaux Abbey

Whatever you may be doing: reconciling the accounts, transplanting leeks in the potager, making beds for the next arrival of volunteers, preparing lunch: when the bell in the bell tower rings you down tools, wash your hands and make your way to the Chapel for Meditation. At 6.15 am, 12.15pm and 6.15 pm the core […]

Summer heat and silence

Like most of western Europe, we had a sweltering start to August at Bonnevaux with temperatures regularly over 35 C. Meditation at 6h15 has been at the coolest part of the day and made a refreshing start to the daily rhythm. Because of the heat, the work of volunteers in the vegetable garden and in […]

The Spirit of Benedict returns to Bonnevaux

It is summer time in Bonnevaux and the renovation work is going well – the current stage involves mainly the internal part of the Abbaye and the barn, that will become the Conference Centre. Small groups of volunteers come and go, sharing work and prayer in the new home of our Community. Read some important […]

Congratulations to Angelene Chan and DPA Architects: P*DA Designer of the Year 2018

Angelene Chan is CEO of DP Architects, an international form of architects based in Singapore, that has generously given its ongoing service to the realisation of the Bonnevaux vision. We are proud of the honour she has received (P*DA Designer of the Year 2018 ) and congratulate her and thank all at DPA who are […]

Music at Bonnevaux: 21st of July

A music concert with works by J S Bach and Hildegard of Bingen will be held in Bonnevaux on the 21st of July. More information here.

St Benedict’s day at Bonnevaux

On the 11th of July, we will have a celebration of St Benedict’s day at Bonnevaux. This is the schedule: 07h15 Morning Prayer and Meditation (Chapel)11h Talk by Fr Laurence on the Rule of St Benedict and Life at Bonnevaux11h30 Discussion with the Bonnevaux Friends and Community12h15 Midday Prayer and Meditation  (Chapel)13h Festal Lunch buffet […]

Our new home is taking shape…

Building work at Bonnevaux has been progressing and we are on schedule. Exterior work on the Abbaye – the main building where the community will be based – is almost complete and the interior work is starting. Work on the barn – the Conference Centre – has just begun. Both should be complete by next […]