Bonnevaux October.November Update
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Bonnevaux Update November 2020

An all-round update on what happened during the months of October and November 2020 in Bonnevaux.

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Things to do around Bonnevaux

In this article, we will walk you through an itinerary of places worth exploring when visiting Bonnevaux Abbey.

The shape of Christianity
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What is the shape of Christianity going to be in the future?

Meet James Alison, priest, theologian and author, who tells us more on his upcoming online retreat Basic Christianity: what does the “real thing” look like when all the kitsch has collapsed? running 21 – 26 July 2020.

News and Updates

The Holy Week at Bonnevaux

The Bonnevaux Community invites you to join them on a Holy Week, part of The Contemplative Path Through the Crisis programme.