Visit of elected officials

By Frédérique Saillard 

The mayor of Marçay, Sandra Girard, welcomed us in the morning of April 25 at the Town Hall. Frédérique Saillard (from WCCM France) presented the Community. Fr. Laurence explained the Bonnevaux project, stressing the importance of the local, as well as global. Also mentioned about spiritual, cultural, economic and ecological aspects of the project.

We showed our willingness to participate actively in local social and economic life as has always been the case in Benedictine monasteries. Bernard Ruel exposed the architectural project and allowed us to discover the different stages of work in progress and coming.

A number of questions were asked by elected officials:

  • Concern for the protection of the ecological heritage of the site;
  • The potential impact on the municipality;
  • Why did you choose Bonnevaux and how did you find it?
  • What is the end of this project?
Then we went to visit the Bonnevaux yard from outside with Mr Ruel. We noticed the great attention he puts on preserving the origins of the building. Doors dating probably from the 11th century were discovered are the exterior coatings. An aperitif buffet, prepared by Andrew and Delyth Cresswell, closed the morning visit with local officials and a meeting is already scheduled, in September, with other people from the department and the region.