The Conference Centre (The Barn)

The former barn has been converted into a spacious modern conference centre with a seating capacity of up to 200 people. Activities such as retreat talks, seminars, meditation sessions, yoga sessions and others all transpire here in the Barn. The Contemplative Eucharist is broadcast live every Sunday from this location. The Barn is a place of words and social gathering. Primordially it is a place where deep silence can be felt, the fruit of the
daily life of silent prayer in the spirit of the Benedictine life.

Meditation Times

Meditation is the essential foundation of Bonnevaux. The regular schedule of Meditation occurs 4 times throughout the day, every day. It is open to everyone seeking to explore and delve deeper into this ancient and universal practice.

Times of Meditation and Liturgy * :

* On Sunday, mass or communion liturgy at 12h (noon) and on Monday evening meditation takes place in the library.

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Talks & Dialogues

The Conference Centre facilitates a variety of events at Bonnevaux including talks, conferences, dialogues, workshops, yoga, seminars and retreat activities. The versatility of the open-plan space allows easy adaptation to different formats of meetings and sizes of groups. Many of the events at the Barn are transmitted live to the global community via internet.


Giovanni Felicioni has been a Yoga instructor for over 30 years and leads the sessions held periodically at the Conference Centre. Yoga sessions can occur during scheduled retreats and can also form part of the daily routine of the resident community at Bonnevaux.

Contemplative Eucharist

The Barn is also where the Community gathers for the Contemplative Eucharist each Sunday at 12 pm (French time), Tuesday morning and Thursday evening. 

Gallery - Conference Centre Renovation