A pilgrimage to support Bonnevaux


Henriette Hollaar, a member of the Meditatio House oblate community, is doing a 130-km-walk from Subiaco to Monte Cassino in the end of October. She explains the main goal of this journey between two important Benedictine Monasteries:

In a short time, I hope to walk from Subiaco to Montecasino, two ancient Benedictine monasteries, 130 km apart in Italy. I came across this pilgrimage a few years ago and was often looking for an opportunity to go, especially when I approached my 50th birthday. I had to put the guidebook back on the shelves several times but a possibility opened when I surrendered to the idea that, instead of doing the 18 days from Nursia to Montecassino, I could do 6 days from Subiaco, where Saint Benedict had lived for 3 years in a cave, to Montecassino where St Benedict gave his Rule to the monks and died in 547.
From then I began to plan and train. Besides walks in and around London, walking up and down the stairs is very good.
I would like to walk in gratitude for life and raise funds and awareness for Bonnevaux and particularly for the barn, which is becoming the new Meditatio Centre. From this centre, the World Community for Christian Meditation hopes to broadcast many events as well as welcome people in the retreat facilities and so, as Fr Laurence puts it, help people to deepen their work of silence and so to renew their relationships with others.
If there is any chance you would like to sponsor this project, please look at; www.bonnevauxwccm.org

Here some pictures of my training walks, sometimes around London, the so-called capital ring. But there where days I could escape London:

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