February update: The renovation of the Conference Centre

Paola Di Pietro

The renovation of the Conference Centre (the Barn) is now formally complete.

A group of architects and contractors met with the Bonnevaux Community at the beginning of February 2020, marking the completion of the renovation work at the Meditatio Conference Centre and signaling the approach of its official opening. The Conference Centre is a voluminous space and will be host to multiple activities: lectures, workshops, bodywork sessions, concerts and, of course, it will be a place for meditation.

The next step in the continuing Bonnevaux renovation project is the development of the Stables or Retreat Centre (our Guesthouse). This will accommodate approximately up to 39 guests and we hope this work will be completed by the end of 2020. We still need help to raise funds for this portion of the project, please see how you can support us here.

After the rain comes the rainbow
After the rain 🙂