Summer heat and silence


Like most of western Europe, we had a sweltering start to August at Bonnevaux with temperatures regularly over 35 C. Meditation at 6h15 has been at the coolest part of the day and made a refreshing start to the daily rhythm. Because of the heat, the work of volunteers in the vegetable garden and in particular the greenhouse, was restricted to the morning with work in the afternoon being focused on clearing the attic and repairing some of the items of furniture currently in storage in the stables. Bill Aback, from WCCM Canada, was with us for the first two weeks of August and has made some essential repairs to the gatehouse at the entrance to the domaine.

Volunteers at Bonnevaux this month have joined us from Canada, France, Spain and Portugal. We have also helped to host a planning meeting of WCCM (CMMC) France for a conference to be held in 2020.

The vegetable garden has produced enough vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, courgettes, herbs, onions and beans) to supply the kitchen at Bonnevaux during August.

Clearing of the attic in the stables enabled us to create an additional space for meditation and yoga, with Rebecca Brewin taking two informal yoga groups which were well received. About nine people attended each group. We have also found that people on holiday in the area have been interested to join us for meditation on a number of occasions this month, and it has been wonderful to welcome them.

The contractors working on the Abbaye and the Barn stopped working, as planned, for the August Holiday and an air of calm has descended on the site which we have all enjoyed. The renovation work is progressing well and will resume by the end of August. We have also been notified that the external work can start on the stables in October. The stables will be the guest accommodation at Bonnevaux after the renovation. It is wonderful that this work can begin earlier than anticipated, and we are now reviewing plans for accommodating the community over the winter period.